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You too may become one of our divers involved in the discovery of the most exciting, stimulating environment and soon you may realize, that although you have lived on the same planet, the diverse range of marine life makes the Oceans that cover 70% of the earths surface a completely different world.

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   Who Are We?         We Are Divers!

Colorado Diver Training is not a dive shop but a group of avid PADI scuba instructors who love to teach scuba and go diving.

We offer PADI classes for all certification levels, from Open Water Diver to Instructor in Aurora, Colorado. Our training facility includes an olympic outdoor, covered and heated pool and classroom. Our courses are small, usually less than 5 people so you can learn at your own pace and not be taught in a large group. Our goal is that you have FUN and learn to be a safe diver.

We offer group dive trips and have a great following of divers who travel with us. With an instructor on your trip, you are guaranteed to have fun and be taken care of. We can also help you to book that special trip you are looking for at a great price.

We are also here to offer you SCUBA news, tips and fun information. If there is any way we can help you enjoy our underwater world just contact us.

                       Kristy Allison - PADI Instructor

                       Emit Hurdelbrinki-PADI Instructor       

                    Brian O'Hara- Divemaster Candidate

    MARCH Special

$95 pp

Semi-private course

We do NOT charge you extra to rent your scuba equipment. 

Add up the total cost of those Groupon Deals and you will see this is where you want to do your training.

We put you in a small to private group,  not 10 - 20 people at a time.  We want    to make sure you get the training, attention and FUN you deserve to enjoy this exciting sport.

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Contact us today and sign up to take    your course  at your convience through   the end of the year.



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