Review... Refresh... ReActivate Your Certification

A Scuba Refresher is just the thing for you if you are going on vacation and want to get comfortable with your equipment. 

Get back in the pool with a PADI Instructor and practice your skills and check your buoyancy so you don't feel like a duck out of water!

Spend up to 2 hours in the pool reviewing your scuba skills and becoming comfortable with your equipment and being underwater again.

After completing the Scuba Refresher class, your awarded a recognition decal for your certification card.  It shows dive operators that you've updated your skills.

ReActivate Your Diving

Not Included:  Mask, snorkel, fins, boots

Optional:  Scuba Tune Up Guidebook:  $24

Course Fee - $145

ReActivate Your Diving

Don't need Reactivate but just want to review your skills in the pool with an instructor? 

Includes: 2 hrs in the pool with your PADI Instructor

All scuba equipment including tanks, weights

​​​Who Should Take This Program? 

Haven’t been diving lately and want a quick scuba refresher? The ReActivate™ program is the perfect way to update your dive skills and knowledge from the PADI Open Water Diver Course before jumping back into the water. Whether you want a few reminders or need to go over the basics, ReActivate is personalized for you: You conveniently review scuba concepts on your tablet, mobile device or computer, then go diving with a PADI Professional. It’s quick and easy, and a good way to prepare for your next PADI course or get ready for a diving vacation. The best part is, divers who complete both the knowledge and in-water skill refresher receive a replacement certification card with a ReActivated date on it.

*Your PADI certification does not expire. Participation in PADI ReActivate™
is not

mandatory, but recommended as an easy way to refresh your scuba safety knowledge

and skills if you haven’t been diving in a while.

What Will You Learn?

Using ReActivate Touch (for tablets or mobile devices) or ReActivate Online (for your personal computer), you’ll immerse yourself in dive scenarios and make decisions that test your understanding of important dive safety concepts, dive planning essentials and problem management. Move through ReActivate at your own pace and delve deeper into topics when you need or want to.  In no time your dive skills will be back to what they use to be.

In the water, your PADI Professional will help you regain comfort and confidence in scuba diving.

You’ll practice a few safety-related skills and then go over anything you specifically want to review.

How Can You Start Learning Now?

Contact us at Colorado Diver Training to get your ReActivate Touch or ReActivate Online and start

working through the scenarios. Then, schedule your ReActivate water skills session.

What Gear Will You Use?

We'll provide your scuba gear including regulator set, BC, tank and weights. You provide your

own mask, snorkel, boots and fins.  These items can be purchased or rented from Colorado Diver Training.


We offer the PADI ReActivate course on request as a private to semi-private class.  This makes sure that we can focus on you and helping you to improve your skills.  Just give us a call or send us an email to get going.



Contact us for more information and get started Today!


Need something simpler?

Scuba Refresher - $45