PADI divemaster course


The Divemaster certification is the first level to become a professional dive professional.  This certification denotes a diver who has achieved a level of proficiency in both dive training and supervision.  A Divemaster is qualified to both assist in teaching situations and to assume responsibility for divers under their care.  Whether you desire a career or a part-time position in diving or just wish to reach a high degree of competency, this is a challenging and most rewarding course.

You will work closely with your Instructor and your personal diving skills will be sharpened to near perfection while you obtain a professional understanding of dive theory, organization and the supervision of students. This is a serious course designed for the serious diver.  The satisfaction and rewards of being a PADI Divemaster are unparalled.

                                           As a PADI Divemaster, you can gain the ability to:


Work with PADI Instructors, live-aboard dive
boats, yachts and resort locations

Conduct Discover Local Diving experience

Assist PADI Instructors with Scuba classes and independently guide open Water Diver students
on the tour portion of dives 2, 3, 4

Accompany students during Adventure Dives or Specialty dives under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor

Accompany Open Water Diver students under the
indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor during surface swims, during navigational exercises and remain with students when instructor surfaces
with student

Teach The Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty Course after completing the Instructor Training Course

Lead PADI Scuba Divers on guided dive tours

Teach Emergency First Response CPR and First Aid programs after completing the Instructor training program

Teach the PADI Skin Diver Course and Discover Snorkeling program. Conduct the PADI Seal Team Skin Diver Specialist Aqua Mission.

Conduct PADI Scuba Review programs for certified divers



PADI Advanced Diver or equivalent rating
PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent rating
18 years of age or older
Qualifying First Aid and CPR Training within the past 24 months
An experienced diver with at least 40 dives to begin the course and 60 by certification with experience in Deep diving, Night diving and Navigation
Fit for diving and submit a PADI Medical Statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months


The Divemaster course is divided into the following sections:

Classroom Knowledge Development  - Self paced reading of your PADI Divemaster manual.  Learn important concepts of diving: The Role and Characteristics of the PADI Divemaster, Supervising Diving Activities, Assisting with Student Divers, Diver Safety and Risk Management, Divemaster Conducted Programs, Specialized Skills and Activities, The Business of Diving and Your Career, Awareness of the Dive Environment and Dive Theory.  This involves independent study using one of two methods - PADI eLearning or Home study materials.

Watermanship Skills Development and Stamina - This will evaluate your stamina and develop your skills to demonstration quality level and include:  Various stamina exercises, Equipment Exchange, Dive Rescue Assessment, Dive Skills Workshop (includes the development and assessment  of 24 skills).  You will learn the proper techniques used to demonstrate scuba skills to Open Water students.

                                                            View Divemaster Training Video's

5 Practical Application Skills - Dive Site Set-up and Management, Mapping Project, Dive Briefing, Search and Recovery Scenario, Deep Dive Scenario

5 Divemaster Conducted Programs Workshops - Scuba Review in confined water, Skin Diver course and Snorkeling supervision, Discover Scuba Diving program in confined water, Discover Scuba Diving program Open Water Dive, Discover Local Diving in open water

4 Practical Assessments - Involves an intership during which you will serve as an Instructional Assistant to you Instructor.  The objective is to gain familiarity with the diver training process, develop an awareness of typical student problems, and learn how to supervise and control divers.  Open Water Diver student in Confined Water, Open Water Diver student in Open Water, Continuing Education student in Open Water and Certified Divers in Open Water


Certification Requirements

    #1 - Required Training Exercises

Mapping Project  With a buddy, you will survey a dive site and create a map showing underwater topography, points of interest, entry / exit points, local facilities and potential hazards.

Equipment Exchange  You will demonstrate the ability to solve unanticipated problems underwater by exchanging all scuba equipment (except exposure suit and weights) with a buddy while buddy breathing.

Divemaster Conducted Programs  This exercise familiarizes you the programs you will be able to conduct as a certified Divemaster. You will conduct a simulated or actual Discover Snorkeling, Scuba Review, Discover Local Diving or Skin Diver course under the direct supervision of a PADI Instructor

    #2 - Internship

    You must participate in:

All confined water and class sessions of an Open Water Course
One Open Water course open water training dive
One Advanced, Rescue or Specialty Diver Open Water session
Three additional Open Water training dives from any PADI course
One supervisory situation with certified divers not in a formal course


Course Fee: $399

                We will custom schedule the Divemaster course around your schedule!             


All Classroom Instruction
Confined Water Sessions
Weight Belt & Weights

Not Included:

Choose either the PADI eLearning or Home study materials         

PADI Home Study Crew Pak                                                                                          $285

Includes - Divemaster Manual, Divemaster slates, Encyclopedia                                               of Recreational Diving, PADI Instructor Manual, Scuba Tune-up Guide Book,             Discover Scuba Dive Cue Card, Pocket Mask

eRDPML  $24.95
RDP  $18                                          
Divemaster DVD  $36
Diving Knowledge Workbook   $28
Dive Roster Slates   $18.50
PADI Certification Fee $99 (includes PADI Divemaster membership dues for this year)
Scuba Equipment (May be rented)
Transportation, Meals, Lodging, if needed
Park Fee, if needed

Online eLearning Option 
Learn at your own pace, at your own schedule online.  Provides convenient 24/7 access to the Divemaster manual and DVD segments.  Complete a significant portion of your knowledge development online, replacing all but one of the classroom presentations (Role and Characteristics of a PADI Divemaster).  If you choose to use the Online eLearning Option, you will need to purchase a Divemaster eLearner Enhancement Kit, which includes many important tools necessary for a PADI Divemaster.  (see below)

PADI eLearning Fee paid directly to PADI                      $205
If you would like to use the Online eLearning option let
us know and we will register you and give you a login code.

eLearning Crew-Pak                                                          $230


Divemaster Slates
Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving (paperback version)
PADI Instructor Manual built into the online material
PADI Instructor Manual (in a log binder)
Divemaster DVD segments are built into the online material
Scuba Tune-up guide book
Pro Training Log Book
Discover Scuba Diving Cue Card
Divemaster Emblem
Sturdy Briefcase

Not Included:
PADI RDP   $18
eRDPML      $24.95
PADI Certification Fee   $99 (includes Divemaster membership dues for this year)
Scuba Equipment (May be rented)
Transportation, Meals, Lodging if needed
Park Fees, if needed

Required Forms

PADI Medical Statement
Liability & Assumption of Risk Release
Standard of Safe Diving Release

Assistant Instructor and Instructor Course

Upon completion of your Divemaster course you will be able to move on to the Assistant Instructor and Instructor certifications.


Divemaster Course Videos

Watch the following video's as a study guide to help you with your Divemaster skills.  Make notes and if you have any questions, please contact your instructor.

                        Again, CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to excel in this sport!