BLUE HOLE FAST FACTS

  • Located approx 6 hour drive from Denver
  • Diameter-80' at surface, 130' at bottom
  • Depth-over 80'
  • Temperature-constant 64°
  • Visibility-80' when undisturbed
  • Flow-3,000 gallons per minute; water recycles every six hours
  • Altitude-4,600' above sea level making the bottom equivalent of over 100' of depth in the ocean
  • Emergency Contact - Guadalupe County Hospital  757-472-3211

Since driving to a higher elevation after a dive would basically be the same as flying after diving, divers have to observe special rules after conducting this altitude dive.  Divers driving back over mountain passes need to observe the altitude and plan their dives accordingly. 

Santa Rosa, New Mexico is a scuba diving mecca. The famous Blue Hole, is a geological phenomenon. The natural, bell-shaped pool is 80 feet deep and has astonishing clarity and a constant water temperature of 64 degrees.

A privately-operated dive center near the pool provides divers with tank refills, equipment rentals and is one source of permits to use Blue Hole for diving exercises. (Be sure to bring your certification card in order to purchase a permit.) Permits can also be purchased at Santa Rosa City Hall, open 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

A paved parking lot allows divers to park within 30 feet of a rock wall surrounding the water's perimeter.  There are also covered picnic pavilions and restrooms available.

Divers can enter the water in one of two ways.  A rock stairwell with handrails allows for easy entry to a short ledge rests at about 3 feet before falling off into the hole.  A concrete ramp protrudes over another section for giant-stride entries.  Upon entry, divers can either make a free descent or follow a buoy line down to one of two square, floating platforms located in 20 feet of water.

Another diving attraction is a twin-engine plane 55 feet down at the bottom of nearby Perch Lake. This lake is primarily for advanced scuba training.

Scuba Dive The Blue Hole, Santa Rosa, NM

                               OPEN WATER CERTIFICATION DIVES        $225 pp

4 Open Water Dives
All Scuba Equipment
Wet Suit
Certification Photo

Daily Blue Hole Fee $10
Mask, fins, boots & snorkel (May be purchased or rented)
PADI Certification Fee $35