Scuba Diving At Aurora Reservoir, Colorado

Aurora Reservoir is a 31,650 acre-foot reservoir located in Aurora, CO.   The reservoir provides drinking water to the City of Aurora, and is also a recreation area.

The reservoir is a relatively popular diving site during the summer, largely due to the separate SCUBA beach and also because of a sunken, twin-engine plane visible at only 25 feet (9.1 m) below the surface, depending on the water level in the lake.

The close location to the Denver Metro area gives divers a quick fix and the ability to practice their skills, without the expense and time involved in traveling to another destination.

Aurora has completed a renovation on the Scuba beach area.  They have added covered picnic tables with changing rooms, work benches for your equipment, lockers and a restroom (outhouse) available.  Make sure to take your own lock, water and snacks as there is nothing close.

You are required to purchase a day or weekend park pass for $10. 

Aurora offers divers the opportunity to do High Altitude, Night and Wreck diving.  Night diving must be arranged in advance with the park.

Elevation 5,950 ft.
Offers: Lots of crawdads, small fish, and a submerged Cessna 310
Depth: Max 50’ at the scuba beach
Visibility: 0’ – 30’
Temp: 55°F in May, 70°F in August, 55°F in September, The temperature can drop to a nippy 55°F below the thermocline
Access: Beach/shore entry developed exclusively for divers
Check with local authorities for rules and regulations

Contact Information:

5800 S Powhaton Rd.
Aurora, CO 80016

Summer Hours:
5 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Approximately 2 miles east of  E-470 and Quincy Ave then south on Powhaton Road.  You will pay your park pass at the ranger station and then flip a u-turn and go back to the road that leads to the parking lot for the scuba beach.

                                                           OPEN WATER CERTIFICATION FEE $195


  • 4 Scuba Dives  
  • Scuba Equipment
  • Tanks and Weights
  • Wetsuit

Not Included:

  • Transportation
  • Daily Entry Fee ($10 per day)
  • PADI Certification Fee $25