Yes!  You may be eligible to get college credit for learning how to scuba dive.  PADI courses have been recommended by a variety of Institutions for college credit.

How Much College Credit Can You Earn?
Universities and colleges that accept ACE credit recommendations for PADI courses typically handle them like transfer credit.  Transfer credit is often awarded without an additional fee.  This may save you tuition fees while allowing you to possibly meet graduation requirements.

ACE has set forth the following college credit recommendations for PADI and EFR courses:

Course                                                 Hours      Semester Credit          Instructional Area 


Open Water Diver                                     1                  Lower                Recreation/Physical Education

Advanced Open Water Diver                    1                  Lower                Recreation/Physical Education

Assistant Instructor                                    1                 Lower                Recreation/Physical Education

Deep Diver Specialty                                 1                 Lower                Recreation/Physical Education

Apprentice Tec                                          1                 Lower                Recreation/Physical Education

Divemaster                                                2                 Lower                Recreation/Physical Education

Rescue Diver                                             1                 Lower*              Recreation/Physical Education

Night Diver Specialty                                 1                 Lower*              Recreation/Physical Education

Dry Suit Diver Specialty                            1                  Lower*              Recreation/Physical Education

Search & Recovery Diver Specialty          1                  Lower*               Recreation/Physical Education

Underwater Navigator Specialty               1                  Lower*              Recreation/Physical Education

Underwater Photographer Specialty         1                 Lower*               Recreation/Physical Education/Recreational study

Wreck Diver Specialty                               1                 Lower*               Recreation/Physical Education/Archeology

Enriched Air Diver Specialty                     1                  Lower*              Recreation/Physical Education

Instructor Development                            2                  Upper/Lower**  Recreation/Physical Education

Course Director Training                          3                  Upper                Recreation/Physical Education

Tec Deep                                                  1                  Upper                Recreation/Physical Education

DSAT Tec Trimix                                      1                  Upper                Recreation/Physical Education

Emergency First Response

Instructor Training Course                        1                  Lower*              Recreation/Physical Education

                            *Lower - Typically Freshman   I   Sophomore Level, Upper - Typically Junior   l   Senior Level

Note: Please contact your college or university before applying for credit to see if credit is accepted at the institution. Some institutions may not accept PADI course.


To secure credit for a PADI or EFR course at a college or university, you need an official transcript as proof of course completion. Colleges and universities will not accept certification cards or wall certificates as proof of course completion.

PADI will send your transcript directly to you or the college or university you are currently attending or planning to attend. It is recommended that you also order a transcript for your own records.  Your instructor at Colorado Diver Training can help you with this.